Our customers’ opinions about us!
We have known these young friends for many years. We have had the opportunity to work with them in many areas and they have always been able to please us. They have always worked diligently and meticulously in managing our advertisements and designing our websites.
Kamer YeşiltepeFounder of Kamer Gold
While we were looking for a company to prepare a website for our newly established company, our path crossed with the Netlam team. Thanks to the fast feedback, positive approach and good communication of the Netlam team, our website creation process was completed smoothly. We received a quick response to our many detail correction requests. We were very satisfied with the whole process and the result. We would like to thank Murat Arslan and all Netlam Project Team for interested in our project.
Işıl TimuroğluCo-Founder of Seem Turkey
We met Netlam thanks to its internet advertisement. First of all, we started out with the question of what kind of company, like any company that will do business. However, in a very short time, we got answers to all the questions and concerns we had in mind. We got what we wanted at an economical price with a very fast, honest and relevant work. If it was not enough, we also built the site of our other company. Thanks NetLam.
Ümit KatarFounder of Medisat International
With Netlam, where we had the opportunity to communicate and work via the Internet, our web page was meticulously made by taking everything into consideration down to the finest detail. In particular, Mr. Murat’s follow-up and interest in the subject and offering more than one alternative to it even when we asked for something that would not happen, and being solution-oriented in every issue enabled us to overcome this process easily. From now on, NETLAM will be my only suggestion to all my circle who are looking for a professional web page with a company with a reliable working principle.
Gökhan ŞahantürkFounder of Validemin Elinden
Until this time, we have worked with many companies on social media and TV programs. As a person who makes his job very smooth and principled, Mr. Murat from Netlam has carried our business to a higher level by directing us to more accurate ads. Thank you for being a non-commercial person who looks at work as a job and for making our phones non-silent.
Havva ÖztürkCo-Founder of Marmara Estetik
Netlam, which sees customer satisfaction as its priority, with which we started to work with a reference, has become one of our most valuable business partners with its fast and high quality working principle. We would like to thank all Netlam employees who strengthen our ties with their devoted support services as well as their successful work.
Zuhal ÖlüçR&D Specialist of Paktem Chemical
When I decided to start my own website, I did a long search on the internet. I met with many companies, realized that I did not understand about this business, I had to waste time with people ‘trying to cheat’ me and finally met the Netlam team. They gave me the design I wanted at the best possible price. They also had a nice conversation on it, welcomed all the changes I wanted to make on the site with positive reactions and helped me. Still not expecting anything in return, they contact me from time to time to ask if I am in a good mood or need help.
Büşra UğraşJournalist
Thanks to a friend of ours, we got to know Netlam and got in touch. Their warm-blooded attitude and professional approach in our talks with them became the basis of our agreement. We are more than satisfied with what they do. We also received positive responses for the minor changes we requested after the work.
Emre TüfekçiCo-Founder of Atol IT
We reached the Netlam team with the advertisement we saw on the internet. They earned our trust in the meetings we held. A good job came out with mutual exchange of ideas. Although we had minor communication problems from time to time, the general working principles pleased us. We are still working with Netlam and getting support.
Pelin Özilkiz ÇelikFounder of PC Architecture
When I decided to start my own blog, I started doing research on the internet. When I got to know the Netlam team and started working with Mr. Murat, I thought that I was in vain for 1 year and even why we didn’t work before. When I started using my site in the format I wanted and the way I wanted, the worlds became mine, and I thank the whole team and especially Murat for his help and careful work. I hope we will get the chance to work again on other projects and pages.
Serap ŞaylanPersonal Development Specialist Therapist
As a company far from advertising activities, we met Netlam and had the opportunity to increase our company name and quality. We had interviews and experiments with many advertising companies like everyone else. We are still continuing our advertising activities with the trust and honest service understanding we got from our meeting with Mr. Murat from Netlam. We achieved a significant increase in our financial earnings in a short time.
Sibel AktanCo-Founder of Marmara Esthetic