Project Summary

The graphic design works needed by the company were done. It provides services in the fields of social media and advertising management. The corporate website of the company will be published soon.

Grafik tasarım, reklam yönetimi ve sosyal medya yönetimi

Pro-Nutrition is a French food manufacturer and supplier.​

Graphic Design

Catalog and price list design was done.

6-page promotional brochure made

The stand was designed.

Packaging design was made for test products

Label design done

Loyalty card design has been made.

Social Media

The feed template and layout were designed.

Post and story designs were made.

Special designs were made for special occasions.

Video shoots were made for Story and Reels.

Animation and videos were created for Reels and Stories.

Content creation was made.

Video voiceover works were done.

Our Digital Partnership agreement with this company still continues.