Left Point

Project Summary

The company’s corporate and e-commerce website was built with WordPress. Product photos were edited and design edits were made. Payment system has been established and advertising and social media accounts are managed.

Apart from these, graphic design support and technical support services that the company needs are provided.

Leftpoint is a textile company that produces men's clothing products all over the world.


An e-commerce site was set up with the WordPress infrastructure.

Product images have been edited, payment systems activated.

Social media accounts were created.

A new e-commerce site design was implemented.

Social Media Management and Advertising Management continues.

E-Commerce Consultancy and Support Service continues.

Graphic Design

Catalog and price list design was done.

Business card designs were made.

Editable price list has been made. (For Online PDF)

Social Media

Templates and Feed design has been made.

Post and Story Design was made.

Special designs were made for special occasions.

Video shoots were made for Story and Reels.

Animation and videos were created for Reels and Stories.

Our Digital Partnership agreement with this company still continues.