E-Commerce Site Establishment, Consulting and Advertising
You want to build an e-commerce site, but you don’t know where to start. You have seen hundreds of different packages and prices on the internet, maybe you have received very different price offers and you are thoroughly confused. Here, as Netlam, we determine where you should start e-commerce, what you actually need and draw a special road map for you.
With this road map, you continue with us for the duration of the agreement or until you stand on your own feet. At the end of the job, you had an e-commerce website and you have been learned how to manage the e-commerce business and how to progress.
What are we doing, how are we moving forward?
First of all, we determine how and with what we will start according to the capacity of your company and your needs. For example, if your requests require special software, we inform you. If a standard e-commerce site will meet your needs, we direct you to one of the packages in the market and undertake the installation and regulation.

Of course design support and advertising support come into after this process. Because the way to sell products in e-commerce is through good design, good advertising and good photos. We draw the most suitable path for all our customers who work with us, considering their budgets.

1- E-Commerce Needs Analysis
In the meeting we will hold, we determine what kind of website you need, if we can meet your needs, we offer our own products, if we do not, we direct them to ready-made packages that you can buy from the market. If you have special requests and the ready-made packages in the market do not meet your needs, we determine what we can do and offer them to you.
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2- Setting up E-Commerce Site
We develop the design and software of your website according to the situation we will determine in the first article, or if you have purchased one of the ready-made packages in the market, we install and develop the designs.
3- Data Entry and Marketplace Integration
After installing and designing the e-commerce package that you bought from the market, we make product entries (or provide training) and make marketplace integrations and open your products for sale everywhere.

(If you have not done e-commerce product photo shoots, we can direct you to the companies or individuals we work with.)

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4- Social Media Account Setups
Your products and site are active, but you need good and effective social media accounts to reach the right audience. At this stage, we shape the designs and contents of your social media accounts.
5- Ad Management
We have prepared everything necessary for sales up to this step. Now is the time to publish your ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google platforms and reach your target audience. At this point, we take your Ad Management responsibility, make your advertisement designs on all platforms and undertake the management according to your budget.
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Consultancy Service for Continuity in E-Commerce
Now your website is ready, your advertising channels for e-commerce are open, your products are on sale in all marketplaces. After this stage, our aim is “if you are satisfied with us” and if you plan to continue with us, we will grow your business with our E-Commerce Support and Consultancy service, ensure its continuity and to expand, increase your sales and provide both software and design support in the process you work with us.